Market Towns Thriving for Property


According to the Sunday Times, towns that have a thriving market most often make the best places to live.

In a detailed tour of towns across Britain for its Best Places to Live 2020 survey, property expert Tim Palmer concluded that market towns can offer: “sparkling, independent hubs of community spirit” and that a busy market is: “the perfect accessory for our changing times, where the high street is a place to linger and enjoy where you live rather than just queue for stamps and loo roll.”

This is what we envisage for Hatherleigh.

As part of our Market Quarter development we are building a brand-new market pavilion that will re-invigorate the town with new traders joining established businesses. We will also be building a row of small shops aimed at independent operators who will add to the characterful mix of the town.

Throughout the development build we are committed to keeping the market open allowing the space to be used rent free by traders and keeping access open for customers.

We hope that once the development is complete and the new market pavilion is open there will be an increase in market days and a wider range of offerings and events.