Why a New Build

You’ve decided on a location you would like to move to, now it’s just a case of choosing the right home for you.

If you haven’t bought a new build home before, we thought you might like to see nine great reasons why a brand new property at Green Hills makes perfect sense.

Nobody’s been there before you

There’s no better feeling than walking into a bright, clean and fresh new home knowing you will be the first person to live there.

Most people who buy a used home spend the first few years living with other people’s dated decorations. With a new build, you can stamp your own style and personality on the property from day one. You could also choose your own stylish specifications of kitchen and bathroom fixtures and fittings when you reserve, potentially saving thousands of pounds down the line.

No chain guaranteed

It’s every home buyer’s worst nightmare. You find a home that ticks all the boxes and at the last minute the sale falls through as you’ve either been gazumped or the seller takes theirs off the market. You’re back to square one and the whole chain has to begin again. Weeks can turn into months, if not years.

With a new build property you have peace of mind to know your agreed completion date, which means much less hassle of arranging your move.

Peace of mind

Research has shown the average housebuyer purchasing a used home spends around £10,000 on repairs, redecoration and renovation within the first year of moving into their new property. And this figure could be significantly higher if there are structural issues uncovered after you’ve moved in.

A new Kingswood home comes with 10-year Buildmark cover from the National House Building Council (NHBC) and a 2-year Kingswood warranty, giving you total peace of mind about your new home.

Kingswood incentives

Help to Buy and Assisted Move are just two ways which Kingswood can help you get on or up the property ladder and neither are available on used homes. Help to Buy is a loan, meaning you only need a 5% deposit to get moving and Assisted Move takes away all the stress of selling your old home. We’ll help you find agents and get the best price for your property.

Looking after the environment

Older homes are much less likely to have adequate insulation or efficient heating systems. With a new home at Green Hills you can be sure your home is environmentally friendly and saves you a packet on heating bills. New build homes are, on average, 65% more energy efficient than a Victorian property and running costs are significantly cheaper.

Furthermore, the careful landscape-led design of Green Hills ensures that generous green corridors accommodate sustainable urban drainage systems with natural stream beds and swales at the bottom of the hill. Just as nature intended.

Highest quality assured

Strict new build housing regulations ensure that our new homes are constructed using materials and techniques to significantly reduce any noise from neighbouring properties.

Keep your family and possessions safe and secure

We’ve all had to answer that dreaded question on the insurance application regarding window and door locks. With a new build home at Green Hills you are safe in the knowledge that all external doors and windows will have the latest security technology fitted as standard, making your new home safe and secure.

Suited to modern life

Let’s face it, life is very different now to how it was in days gone by. Homes at Green Hills have been designed with modern life at their core, with contemporary living spaces and practical features, such as en suites and open plan kitchen diners in many of the homes. And with a range of styles and layouts to choose from, you’re sure to find the property to suit your individual needs.

Designed by a legend

There’s nowhere else in Blackburn you’ll be able to buy a new home that has been designed by one of Britain’s most acclaimed designers, Wayne Hemingway MBE. Wayne and his team have used all of their collective experience, skill and love of Blackburn to create a truly unique new development. You won’t find your house design popping up at a neighbouring site, giving you an individual home with a story to tell.